Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dresser drawers turned under-bed storage

We have been in need of a dresser for awhile now! We had an old one that was falling apart. Part of the drawers wouldn't come out and part would not go in. Since we can't afford a new dresser now and I haven't been having much luck finding one at a yard sale....I decided to re-purpose the one that we had. I pulled out the four drawers and went to work on two of them(I am going to do something a little different with the other two for another room).

I started out by going to a local hardware store and purchasing some inexpensive trim and some new knobs. I already had one knob and needed to find three more to match. I used my husband's miter-saw(my first time) and cut 45 degree angles on the trim so that I could form a 'box' around the knobs. I'll tell ya....the miter-saw really scared me at first, but once I got started...it was not too bad! To measure the pieces, I cut my first long side and first short side and then just put those up to the molding and drew a pencil line to measure the next pieces.

Next, I just used some wood glue and glued the molding into place. I'm NOT much of a perfectionist, so don't look too close! If my husband was doing this project, he would have the trim cut PERFECT and glued Perfectly centered on the drawer.

Drawer with molding glued
Then...I sprayed the drawers with some primer and went to town painting them. Lastly....I added the knobs. I thought about adding casters, but it would have cost me about $4-6 more per drawer...so for now they are caster-less. They seem to slide in and out pretty easily though. I will add felt pads to the bottom, if they are ever used on the wood floor. Like I said..I'm NOT a perfectionist...at all!!....BUT I LOVE the end result! So much better than the blue drawers in the dresser and now we have more floor space.

Finished drawers under bunk beds.
I will be adding this to Kimba's DIY Party at ASPTL.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ruffled M Pillow

I made this ruffled M pillow for my niece for her birthday and I think it turned out SUPER cute!! I wish I could show you the back of the pillow. I put a cute ruffle on the flap where the pillow closes. My camera battery was SO dead. I was lucky to get these pictures. My sister was here from Utah and I got a picture of the back with her camera. Maybe when I get that picture, I'll show you all.

My sister and her cute little family got to come and visit for a week! We had a blast, well Amber and I did. Her husband spent most of his time here working:) He went with my husband to cut wood twice, chopped a lot of that wood, helped(or did most of the work) tear out our gas fireplace(we are putting in a wood burning stove) and lots of other odds and ends around here. He said he enjoyed it though. Guess he was missing the city(got bored:)), visiting us here in our small little town. We were all SO sad to see them leave and we will be happy to get together again soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moda Fabric Giveaway....

Okay...so....I'm not giving away the moda fabric(I wish I was...maybe someday soon). Nicole over at Our Cozy Nest is. She is giving away TWO charm packs...two of my new favorite charm packs!! For a chance to win go visit Our Cozy Nest and leave a comment.

Nicole has a very fun blog with LOTS of great ideas!! Make sure you go check it out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

O is for Octopus

I have a little guy (3), actually he is "not little". He still as two more years until he can go to school like his big brothers. He is not too happy about that. SO we have been doing school at home. I tell him that it is his home preschool...and he calls it his 'freeschool'. Whatever right? The other day I found a pattern here to make this little octopus. We decided that I should make it and we would study the letter O for the day. For the O I just made a chain and then did a sc back down to the end of the chain, then stitched it together to form the O and then used the yarn to sew it to the octopus. I think it turned out pretty cute and my 3 year old LOVES it.

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Anyone?

For the recipe go to The Sisters Dish....here.