Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I think I have a hoarder....

My 3 year old LOVES to sleep with....things...anything....some nights it is all of his train guys, cars, etc....Today, we got some packing peanuts with a gift we had ordered...he was SO excited to see them.  He grabbed him from the box and ran them to his bed.  Unfortunetly...for him...he will not be sleeping with them.  I don't think I could sleep a wink worrying that he would inhale one and sufocate.

He doesn't sleep on a pillow anymore...because, "there is no more room". 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ryder and friends...

Ryder loves to warm himself and his friends...and if you look closely at the will see that someone has drawn a smiley face in the ash dust...

let it snow...let it snow...

I was going to post these pictures last week, but my computer is SO slow....

On December 2nd we woke up to 16 inches of snow!!  The boys were SO excited!!  They played outside for hours...literally.  I shoveled snow for over two hours and they were out there for a couple hours after I came in.  I am SO thankful for a neighbor that brought his tractor over and plowed the driveway!!  The 2 hours I spent shoveling didn't even clear ALL of our sidewalks.  Seriously....why do we have SO much concrete :)  It is A LOT of work shoveling snow that is 16 inches deep.  BUT...the kids and I will take the snow anytime....we just did not enjoy the below zero weather that followed for the next week.

Sorry about the dark pictures....we thought we had the camera on the 'snow' setting, but realized much later that we didn't.

 Hunter and Ali

 Jake went out to shake the snow off the tree...he got covered.

Jake eating snow. 

 Ryder eating snow.

 The boys clearing off the trampoline.

Zac bringing the shovel home from the neighbors.  The boys went over to shovel snow at the neighbors...then had to go retrieve it so that I could shovel ours....we really need to invest in a few more shovels so the boys can help me shovel.

We are definitely hoping for more snow for Christmas.