Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School

The boys(except for Ryder) have been in school for almost a week already. Summer went by SO fast, too fast this year! We had some fun times and none of us were ready for school to start! Now that it has started the boys are enjoying it, especially the kindergartner.

Zac was SO excited to start school and looks forward to it everyday.
They started on a Thursday and he was SO sad when I told him Friday afternoon that he would have 2 days off until he went back to school. I hope he keeps that excitement:)

Zac (K), Hunter (3rd), Ryder, Jake (6th)
Of course Ryder wanted in on the picture!! I told Ryan that we should wash his fruit shake mustache off of his face before pictures and he said no way...looks cute. Ryan went into work late on the 1st day of school so that we could take Zac to class together.

The boys are happy to be back to school and seeing their friends everyday. Jake, Hunter and Zac all have some of their very best friends in their classes, which adds to the enjoyment.